Ice Cream

What makes Sweet Tooth Fairy treats even sweeter? A scrumptious serving of creamy ice cream, of course. Try one of our frozen creations like our famous cupshakes where we blend your favorite cupcake flavor with vanilla ice cream or the WonderBowl, inspiring awe at every scoop with its chocolate-dipped waffle cone and Cakebite toppings.

Our ice cream treats are particulary popular in the summer months. But, come into any location for options on how to make Sweet Tooth Fairy cookies, Cakebites, and cupcakes even better.

Flavors of the Month

View our monthly flavor calendar here.


Stay cool by ordering your dessert a la mode. Or, live deliciously with one of our signature Cupshakes that bend our creamy vanilla ice cream with any of our cupcakes in our cases, or whichever treat you desire. Explore other frozen favorites like our Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich or Whoopie Picecream Sandwhich, made with our delightful cupcake tops. Or try a WonderBowl, complete with a waffle base of cupcake batter, a layer of homemade frosting and crumbled cookies, scoops of ice cream to complement, and topped with a cakebite.