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A Franchise Fairy Tale

We don't need to sugarcoat anything; working here is sweet enough. In fact, we love what we do so much that we're looking to grow our Sweet Tooth Fairy family across the nation! Since opening doors in 2009, STF has established 12 bakeries in Utah, Arizona, and Florida, and doesn't plan on slowing down. If your passion is spreading smiles just like ours, a place like this might just be your kind of cakewalk.

Recipe for Success

Spirit by
the spoonful

Along with adequate experience,
it's important for us to see your
patisserie passion. Do you dream
in cookies and cupcakes?

Never too many cooks in the kitchen

Meet our incredible team and
find out what it's like to be part
of the Sweet Tooth Fairy family.
Dentists love us.

Got the dough?

An important step to franchising is
making sure you're financially secure.
With a strong foundation and business
experience, you're ready to bake away!

Want a piece of the cake? Submit an application and we will be in contact!

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